Voukoder Crash with latest Vegas release (Build 326)

  • Hey there,
    Just reporting that Voukoder is immediately crashing with the latest version of Magix Vegas. Every encoder is causing the program to completely crash and bring up the "submit error" report.
    This has also been posted on the MAGIX support forum. Just unsure if it's just me or if it's affecting multiple users.
    I have tried a complete reinstall of Voukoder + connector.

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  • I just completed a render on my laptop (GTX 1050, HD 630 GPUs) with Voukoder at default x264 settings without issue.

    Version of Voukoder and Vegas?
    Also, what video files are you working with?

  • Voukoder is 12.1 and VP 20.326 which is the latest version. I've tested Voukoder on just about every build of Vegas from 18 on and have reported a handful of issues here.

    Type of video isn't normally relevant as Voukoder just encodes whatever Vegas sends to it, but this time was various UHD 4K media as part of the new sample project. You can try it here: https://forms.gle/KvnAmEuR5sFrydVr8

    I generically use X-AVC S files from my Sony cameras for testing Voukoder as it's mainly what I shoot. Happy to test with something else if that's a potential factor.

    I also have a second computer I can test on and did so with this same project and VP 20.326 with an Intel i5-13600K and RTX 2080 Super.

  • Thanks for the replies guys.

    This can get closed off as resolved. Resetting Vegas 20 to default settings fixed it (something I should've tried already, apologies).

    I think it had something to do with legacy encoding (AVC), this would be the only option I change along with bumping the RAM for preview. I'm unsure, but happy to have Voukoder back in Vegas!

  • There is a legacy GPU render feature I'd avoid, but changing decoding for AVC should have no effect on Voukoder. For renders I'd keep dynamic ram preview at defaults or 0 if you have artifacts.

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