Multiple FFmpeg output streams from single render

  • Need to render the same project in Vegas Pro into multiple output formats (h.265, h.264, MPEG2 DVD, AVC Bluray, AC-3 audio). Biggest bottleneck is Vegas' rendering itself, not the encoding. Any way to allow Vegas to render to a single high-quality stream, and encode that single stream simultaneously into multiple formats using Voukoder?

    Hardware is not a limitation here, but Vegas is. Duplicating the rendering workload seems completely pointless to me.

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  • In that case you can even skip Voukoder, just render a lossless footage and write multiple commands in a batch file (asuming you are on Windows) to use x265/x264/SVT-AV1/QAAC encoders one by one, and multiplex with ffmpeg, roughly such as:

    ::Video Encode
    ffmpeg -i "Sequence 01.mp4" -an -f yuv4mpegpipe -strict unofficial - | x265.exe --y4m - --output "v0.100.hevc"
    ::Audio Encode
    qaac64.exe --cvbr 320 -b 16 -r 44100 --threading -o "v0.100.aac" "Sequence 01.wav"
    D:\ffmpeg.exe -i "v0.100.hevc" -i "v0.100.aac" -c copy "Complete_Product.mp4"