Instant Failure When Adding Video Side Data

  • After successfully rendering and encoding VR videos with Voukoder for a while, my attempts would instantly fail starting about a month ago. I didn't put any effort into solving the issue then, but I've looked at it again recently.

    I realized that clearing the video side data fields allowed the video to render. Adding any video side data causes the render to immediately fail. Here is AME's log for a failed render attempt.

    I enabled logging in Voukoder and this is what it says on a failed render attempt. Low-level logging is enabled.

    Simply disabling all video side data options allows the render to proceed. I first noticed this issue with one of the Voukoder 9 release candidates, but I just installed 9.1 and it's still happening so I decided to report it.

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  • Yes, it would have been helpful if I had reported it earlier. But here's the thing: I didn't know if the failed renders were because of Media Encoder, Premiere, Voukoder or something else, and I didn't investigate the issue until a couple of days ago.

    I got around to doing tests and reading log files when I had the time and the interest, which happened to be when I tried again to render a VR video on 9.1 RC1 (I don't render VR videos often), and the problem was still there.

    You have received my bug report, which is helpful enough to pinpoint the exact cause of the failed renders, as soon as I determined the issue was with Voukoder a of couple days ago and I had time to document it for a bug report yesterday. Enjoy. ✌