Voukoder for AE seems not tagging aspect ratio and color metadata

  • I was using Voukoder to output AE treated PAL DV avis to ProRes MOV.

    The input files are either PAL 4:3 720x576 or PAL 16:9 720x576.

    Normally AE does tag its output files correctly, however when using Voukoder 8 (or earlier) it does neither tag the pixel aspect ratio nor any color metadata (color primaries / transfer functions / matrix coefficients).

    You can see this with AMCDX Videopatcher where you can add those meta data afterwards.


  • In case of ffmpeg all what it needs is: -aspect 16:9/4:3 command, so this should translate to Libav as well.

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    I can confirm both.

    I didn't find a way to get the aspect ration information in IOOutSuite4. So it's hardcoded to 1:1 currently.

    As AE works in RGBA only I guess it would be:

    • Range: full
    • Matrix: rgb
    • Primaries: (Unset ?)
    • Transfer: (Unset ?)
  • Would it be possible to make the aspect ratio user changeable in Voukoder like in AMCDX Videopatcher?

    Per default it could set 1:1 but advanced user can override this by their own setting.

    ProRes HQ 422 is always limited range, afaik.

    Per default color metadata for HD should be rec.709, but changeable if needed.

    For SD PAL:

    Primaries = BT.601 PAL

    Matrix = BT.470 BG

    Transfer = BT.470 BG

    While the differences between rec.709 and rec.601 primaries aren't huge, there are colors which can change drastically like saturated reds and greens.

    For SD NTSC:

    Primaries = SMTPE 240M

    Matrix = SMTPE 240M

    Transfer = SMTPE 240M