Voukoder for AE seems not tagging aspect ratio and color metadata

  • I was using Voukoder to output AE treated PAL DV avis to ProRes MOV.

    The input files are either PAL 4:3 720x576 or PAL 16:9 720x576.

    Normally AE does tag its output files correctly, however when using Voukoder 8 (or earlier) it does neither tag the pixel aspect ratio nor any color metadata (color primaries / transfer functions / matrix coefficients).

    You can see this with AMCDX Videopatcher where you can add those meta data afterwards.


  • In case of ffmpeg all what it needs is: -aspect 16:9/4:3 command, so this should translate to Libav as well.

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  • I can confirm both.

    I didn't find a way to get the aspect ration information in IOOutSuite4. So it's hardcoded to 1:1 currently.

    As AE works in RGBA only I guess it would be:

    • Range: full
    • Matrix: rgb
    • Primaries: (Unset ?)
    • Transfer: (Unset ?)

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