H.264 NVENC blurry video using the default setting

  • I'm using the default settings below, but it renders blurry video. I am able to get the high quality video by decreasing the quantizer number (The largest I tried was 20, was able to render good video). But this creates a problem uploading it to Youtube... Can someone please suggest? I mostly edit first-person mountain biking video, so it is very shaky by nature. Not sure if this provides more info.

    It seems like no matter if I change the output preset or quantizer number to high or low, the rendering speed is about the same. I don't quite understand why it's so blurry...If someone could explain that as well it'd be helpful


  • It's very very slow uploading, almost like Youtube has a problem processing the format?(I know by decreasing the quantizer value ) And it doesn't turn to HD ever... Same thing happened with Facebook.

    What's a normal setting that should work?