Very bitrate using HEVC nvenc CQP

  • Hi,

    I am using Vegas pro 17 with the latest voukoder 4.1 and connector 0.7.0.

    I compared the output between Voukoder and nvencc64 right out of Vegas with the same video, resolution 2704x1520 - 30p

    Exactely the same parameters: CQP 23, Preset medium, Advanced option exactly the same as well.

    Voukoder is giving a video srtream bitrate of 2160kb/s.

    Nvencc is giving a video stream bitrate of 70.9Mb/s.

    Bitrate from Mediainfo.

    Obviously, Voukoder output is of a very low quality, Nvencc one very close to the original.

    Why so much difference using the same CQP?

  • CQ=23 is a pretty bad value and I'd expect a bad result with it (I'd recommend a value of 15). That would also explain the low bitrate. 70Mbps is waaaay to high for 2704x1520@30fps with CQ=23.

    I strongly assume Voukoder is producing the correct result here.