Released Voukoder 2.2

  • Key features:

    • Intel QSV encoders for both h264 and hevc
    • Initial filter support


    • Installer: Fixed installation path error when AfterEffects is not installed
    • Window sizes should be okay in HiDPI mode now
    • Audio is only rendered when needed
    • Hopefully fixed assertion error about wxLocale
    • (libx264) Fixed 10 bit high profile selection
    • (prores) Fixed pixelformat selection


    • Introducing Intel QSV hardware encoders (h264/hevc)
    • Renamed encoder names so they look nicer together
    • Added ZScale, BWDIF, YADIF and Unsharpen filter
    • (libx265) Added 'ref'option
    • (h264,hevc) Added raw muxers
    • Doing update check only once on plugin startup

    For using NVENC encoders driver version 418.81 or newer is required.