Released Voukoder 2.1

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    Originally I targeted this as the 2.0.9 release but the changes are quite substantial so I decided to call it version 2.1.0. The top changes of this version are:

    • After Effects support!
    • Support for 360° spherical video (via video side data)
    • Support for 3D video (via video side data)
    • Presenting the new voukoder logo!

    For using NVENC encoders driver version 418.81 or newer is required.


    • Fixed variable framerate issue
    • Fixed french translation
    • Fixed 5.1 surround channel alignment
    • Fixed setting the TRC in BT.2020 color space
    • Fixed loading of arbitrary data
    • Fixed installer: Paths of deselected components are greyed out / disabled and set to c:\ and are not used
    • Fixed config dialogs
    • (x265) Removed unnecessary VUIs from encoder
    • Fixed NVENC aq-strength parameter


    • Major UI rework ("Configure ..." button)
    • First version of Voukoder for After Effects
    • Added support for spherical and stereo3d video data
    • (EAC3/DTS/TrueHD) Added audio encoders (Vogelforscher)
    • Added more logging
    • Added new voukoder logo
    • Installer: Switched to modern theme
    • Added the list of patrons to the about tab