Encoding Failed

  • Hi,

    I use the latest version (2.0.8) and get immediately quit, the log are below:


    - Encoding Time: 00:00:08

    06/08/2019 08:57:59 PM : Encoding Failed


    Export Error

    Error compiling movie.

    Export Error

    Exporter returned bad result.

    Writing with exporter: Voukoder R2

    Writing to file: C:\Users\erio\Desktop\GOPR0459_1.mp4

    Around timecode: 00:00:01:03 - 00:00:01:05

    Component: Voukoder R2 of type Exporter

    Selector: 9

    Error code: -2147483648


    I have no error on using the version 1, I try to re-render my movie and failed.

    I use IRIS PRO 6300 with all voukoder default settings. I hope you can solve my problem. Thank you and have a nice weekend.


  • [17:19:13] Voukoder 2.0.8

    [17:19:13] by Daniel Stankewitz

    [17:19:13] ---------------------------------------------

    [17:19:13] Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1285L v4 @ 3.40GHz

    [17:19:13] 8 logical cores

    [17:19:13] 32642 MB system memory

    [17:19:13] Display #0 on: Intel(R) Iris(TM) Pro Graphics P6300

    [17:19:13] ---------------------------------------------

    [17:19:13] Plugin running in Premiere Pro 13.1.2

    [17:19:13] ---------------------------------------------


    [17:21:05] Loading: filters/stereowiden.json

    [17:21:05] Loading: filters/superequalizer.json

    [17:21:05] Loading: filters/surround.json

    [17:21:05] Loading: filters/treble.json

    [17:21:05] Loading: filters/tremolo.json

    [17:21:05] Loading: filters/vibrato.json

    [17:21:05] Loading: filters/volume.json

    [17:26:14] Opening codec: libx265 with options: preset=veryslow

    [17:26:14] Opening codec: aac with options: b=320000|profile=aac_main

    [17:26:17] Requesting pixel format: yuv420p


    [17:26:18] Exported 1 frames in 0 seconds. (avg. 2 fps)

    [17:26:18] Encoding loop finished (Code: -2147483648)

    [17:26:18] Closing encoders ...

  • I notice one thing that is for the bitrate there is nothing.

    I only use "preset=veryslow profile=main" in video and "b=320000 profile=aac_main" in audio, leave all the things untouch, and I got nothing.

  • Arr..... When I try to export video only, it works. Seems the problem is on the audio. I change them from AAC to whatever but just failed.

    I use the native HEVC without problem (but slow).

  • Most of the video captured by GoPro 5, Audio bit rate is 128kbps, Stereo, sample rate is 48kHz.

    Once I think the bit rate is too high I set (320), or also the sample rate, so I set it lower to 128, 44.1 but no luck. (Or set 320, 96, also no luck.) For the encoder AAC, FLAC, MP3 all failed.

    Everything works in generic HEVC from adobe.

  • Looked at it but some assets are missing there. It might be related that the audio is 4 channel audio.

    But if i drag the video and wav in a new premiere project I don't have any issues when exporting it.

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