NVidia Hardware Encoding (NVENC)

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    I do not see any NVENC encoders in the dropdown, what's wrong?

    There can be many reasons for this.

    • You need to have an NVENC compatible graphics card. (See: https://developer.nvidia.com/v…decode-gpu-support-matrix)
    • You need to have at least one encoder session available. In my case Premiere CC 2017 used all encoder sessions for itself, so CC 2017 did not work. Please use the latest CC 2018 version. CS6 did work, tho!
    • Close all other software using NVENC (i.e. OBS)
    • Update your video card drivers

    How can I see live encoding stats?

    How can I see how many NVENC sessions are in use?

    Open a command prompt and type:

    cd "c:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI"

    nvidia-smi.exe encodersessions

    Exporting is still slow. I expected more speed.

    First, using NVENC speeds up encoding, *not* rendering. Rendering is mostly done on your CPU and generates the frames that get fed to the GPU. In most cases your CPU will limit the encoding process and the GPU hardly gets warm. Premiere also requires alot of RAM in this mode - in my case up to 28 GB (out of 32 GB available)! Last but not least a fast SSD is recommended to write the encoded file do disk quickly.

    If you have a fast and recent multicore processor it might help to disable both CUDA acceleration and hardware / iGPU decoding in premiere. This could speed up encoding significantly.

    It still depends on your project and your encoder settings. If you have a complex project with filters and effects rendering might takes its time. And if frames can't get rendered fast enough the GPU can't make it faster. You still have the option to do get a better encoding in this case: Use a slower encoding preset, or more expensive parameters. Watch your task manager and tune it until both CPU and GPU are on high load.

    Still slow?

    Sometimes it might be neccessary to uninstall your current display drivers with DDU (https://www.guru3d.com/files-d…uninstaller-download.html) and do a clean new install. For video rendering the Studio Drivers seem to be faster than the Gaming Drivers.

  • To remove the session limit on Nvidia GeForce cards, search for the driver patch by keylase on GitHub. NB: You will have to re-apply the patch every time you update drivers or change graphics cards.