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  • But in which way? Silently force to min(max_of_level, current_value)? Or show warning with changes? With checking checkboxes or not? What will be if I manually set ref 5 for FHD and then change level to 4.2 and so on?

    I think the best way will be:

    1. in case options has default value (unchecked checkbox), then silently check related checkboxes and set min(level_max, value_default) and set max limit to the option globally.

    2. in case option has manual value (checked checkbox) and it violates the level restrictions then warning message should appear. Maybe with some choice to the user, example: apply changes and cancel.

    In case of encoder presets (fast, medium, slow, ...) and encoder tune (fim, animation, grain, ...)

    1. in case options has default value (unchecked checkbox), then silently change default values to values from preset/tune, but not check checkboxes.

    2. in case options has manual value (checked checkbox), then warning message should appear.

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    Similar to: https://www.voukoder.org/forum/thread/272

    I would like to show the limitations of each level some how. This also affects general video settings (width, height, ...).

    At some point it relies on the users knowledge what happens when he sets a level. Still I want to show it somehow.

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