"The Operation was interrupted by user" Bug after 13.1

  • Hi everybody,

    Just wondering if anyone has experience the same bug before and how to resolve it. Voukoder 13.0 ran fine before I updated it to 13.1 but after it would just give me this message. Can't use it on any of my Adobe apps now.

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    Please attach a Voukoder log file.

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    I see a couple of issues here.

    [18:02:53] Timebase:        1209076067/1928261632 (1.59 fps)

    Please select in the export "Video" group the proper frame rate. (Maybe this even fixes that problem).

    [18:03:02] Frame #12: vRender: 31 us, vProcess: 27 us, vEncoding: 1563 us, aRender: 462179 us, aEncoding: 103786 us, Latency: 603058 us
    [18:03:03] Frame #13: vRender: 14 us, vProcess: 4 us, vEncoding: 2494 us, aRender: 425731 us, aEncoding: 127034 us, Latency: 591155 us
    [18:03:03] Unable to write packet to disk.
    [18:03:03] 000000007B0730B0
    [18:03:03] 000000007B0730B0
    [18:03:03] Exported 14 frames in 9 seconds. (avg. 1.41 fps)
    [18:03:03] Encoding loop finished (Code: 20)

    It was not able to write the exported file to disk. Maybe this is somehow related to the first issue. If not, make sure the current user has write access, and there is enough disk space left.

  • I found out it only happens when I try to use H264 (NVENC), regular H264 it runs just fine despite the framerate.

    I've been trying to update my graphics drive but the H264 (NVENC) just ends up disappearing from the dropdown list.

    Update: I managed to get the option back to the drop down but it still has the same problem for NVENC