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    Voukoder nutzt die native C API von ffmpeg, da wird das so denke ich nicht funktionieren.

    Have you applied many effects from frame 150? Because at this time the latencies are much higher.


    "ac3.misc.center_mixlev._label": "Center down mix level",

    Yes, "Center mix level" is correct. I will fix this with a pull request which also includes the updated german translation and a fix for eac3/ac3 metadata values. Vouk

    BT. 2020 hatte ich noch nicht exportiert, aber ich habe noch was anderes im Source Code gefunden Vouk .

    Gui.cpp Zeile 577

    1. const AVPixFmtDescriptor *pixFmtDescr = av_pix_fmt_desc_get(;
    2. int bits = av_get_bits_per_pixel(pixFmtDescr) / av_pix_fmt_count_planes(;
    3. if (bits == 10) // WRONG!
    4. {
    5. = AVColorTransferCharacteristic::AVCOL_TRC_BT2020_10;
    6. }
    7. else if (bits = 12)
    8. {
    9. = AVColorTransferCharacteristic::AVCOL_TRC_BT2020_12;
    10. }

    Müsste es nicht bits == 12 sein?

    I encoded it with StaxRip which uses NVEnc by rigaya with this parameters I think:

    1. --vbrhq 10000 --codec h265 --preset quality --profile main10 --tier high --output-depth 10 --weightp --max-bitrate 10000 --aq --aq-temporal --cuda-schedule spin --videoformat ntsc --colormatrix bt2020nc --colorprim bt2020 --transfer smpte2084 --cabac

    In the new NVEnc version you can also set this parameter:

    1. --dhdr10-info <string> [HEVC only]
    2. Apply HDR10+ dynamic metadata from specified json file. Requires hdr10plus_gen.exe module additionally.