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    Same here,

    It seems the R3 is slower for me than the R3rc2. When I say slow I mean it literally takes 8 hours for encoding a x264 8 min long video (on an i7 7700k) where it tooks around 25 min before.

    However this problem only occurs in Premiere Pro and not in Media Encoder, for me when I launch Media Encoder and add a video manually then launch the encode, it is working perfectly.

    I'm currently not at home with the camera (SONY FDR AX 700) to give you some footage sorry. All I have are private recording.

    I will be back for christmas and I will record special footage in HLG for everyone as RAW materials.

    Do you have any requirements for the recording or a simple 4K HLG file would be enough ?

    Maybe it should be good to create a special thread for those source material ?

    Thank you for your help, it should be very time consuming :).

    Very strange, even the colors are the same? Perhaps Premiere treats HLG differently.

    Yes it is the same, HLG does not seems to be different before and after the encoding.

    What is very strange is that even when I'm using the Premiere encoder to output in HDR PQ the colors are pretty the same...

    I need to test all the encoded files on screens supporting HLG and PQ to see if there is any difference.

    Did that ffmpeg mod I linked earlier work for you? I've now created a filter preset in Premiere that can un-do Premiere's HDR-to-SDR processing that it performs on any file flagged as HDR. Ultimately, if you can un-flag it before using premiere, that would be best, but if you can't, go ahead and use my preset which I've linked on a new HDR encoding guide I wrote here:

    HDR Encoding Guide for Premiere Pro

    That post also includes a tool I created for correctly flagging the brightness of the source in HDR metadata as well, which would be really helpful even if you can import the footage raw like I do.

    Thank you very much for the patch, indeed i don't know if it works inside adobe premiere because after a clean installation the output of the enoding is good. I mean by that with the false flag and without it, the result is the same after x265 Voukoder but i don't know internally if it works.

    Good idea.

    I will probably try to implement it by myself if they don't answer.

    Thanks again !

    EDIT: Could it be possible to use the zscale filter ( instead of the other filters currently in use ? Maybe not replace it in the code but add an option to customize the ffmpeg input where user can add their own parameters and use their own filter ?

    It seems this filter handle the HLG transfer function.

    Oh okay it is not supported in the filter...


    Just joking :)

    Guess I will try to find a way ton convert my HLG files to PQ and then edit them in Premiere or... stick with SDR files but not exploiting the camera make me kinda feel sad.

    Thank you both for your help and time.

    I'll implement it that way. It was really nice discussing that with you to find the best solution for this issue.

    Well done ! I will also test it with NVENC HEVC once released.

    It seems ffmpeg also supports HLG (…da437576382083246ca598fce) but is not listed in the documentation.

    It was added years ago under the value "arib-std-b67" for trc, could you also add it ?

    Again thank you very much for your plugin :)

    I've done some test and I think there are also issues with Adobe itself and its HDR definition that does not include HLG. Premiere H264 and HEVC encoders don't seem to handle HLG and the result is very ugly.

    I also encoded directly the flow with StaxRip in x265 which seems to handle correctly the HDR options.

    I let you check the comparison in the PDF and ask if you have any question.

    I'm planning to extend the test with a frameserver in YUV2 and RGB32. The outputs of my AX700 are in YUV 420 8 bits so I think there is some sence to use YUV2 in my case. For the RGB32 I don't think it is really relevant as it will totally destroy the HDR source.

    Also I can't install version 2.0.8, its making my Premiere crash so I will wait for the next version of Voukoder to use again HDR.

    I will stick with non HDR recording for the moment as HLG seems not to be supported natively in Premiere.

    I will also suggest to have a solution that would ease the future integration of other recommendations such as the BT.2100.


    • voukoker_hdr.pdf

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    The options are there, they just work differently. You set color space in the regular premiere export window, and then set the other HDR options in the advanced settings.

    The problem is, the color space settings result in a color space conversion that messes up the HDR colors, because voukoder or premiere treats the footage as rec709 SDR.

    However, yes, there's no option for HLG right now, just HDR10 using the options available as they are now. Reverting fine control of those x265 tags would be good, because they allow more options for color space and transfer characteristics, such as --transfer arib-std-b67 for HLG

    Yes, I realize that but I think it would be better to have the option directly in the encoder because there are also a lots of other options that could be added in the VUI section…ility-information-options.

    It would also be great to add those options to the NVENC HEVC encoder which support them now.

    However, as per my other post, the color space setting in the Premiere export window should not be performing color space conversions. They should be telling the encoder what color space the footage already is. I realize the problem is Premiere outputs in RGB32. Basically, this needs to be converted to rec709/yuv420, and then encoded to whatever color space we select without further conversion.

    If Premiere outputs only RGB32 I think it is problematic because it would always convert the HDR frame in RGB which would destroy the color space of BT2020 or BT2100.

    However if I refer to this post, Premiere does not outputs in RGB32 or maybe RGB32 -> YUV 444 -> yuv444p16 -> yuv420p10 ?

    Yes, This piping feature supported only RGB which is not relevant for the implemented encoders ...

    If you select any non 8bit pixel format in the encoder settings ...

    • Premiere will render it in YUV 4:4:4:4 with 32bit float precision.
    • It will then be converted to yuv444p16 to feed it into FFmpeg/libav.
    • And finally converted to the target format (yuv420p10)

    In my case, I have a Sony AX 700 which outputs those kind of files:

    It is not a 10 bits file and use H264 which supports HLG HDR which I can say in this case is not a "True" HDR file with 10 bits depth so maybe it is not necessary to convert it to 10 bits with yuv420p10.

    The color issue is even here when trying to encode it with H264 of Premiere Pro and HDR enabled. With Voukoder 2.0.8, do you still have this issue or it is working fine ?

    Hi Vouk,

    Thank you for your plugin, it will save us a lot of time.

    Following that thread As a user I would like to export with HDR. I tried to encode an HDR video using the x265 encoder but it seems you removed the options for HDR support in version 2.1 (Released Voukoder 2.1).

    On the github, the translation files still have the options but it seems they were removed from the libx265.json. Are there any reason to that ? I'm trying to encode a video using HLG HDR but the metadata put after the encode are not good:

    Color range : Full
    Color primaries : BT.2020
    Transfer characteristics : PQ
    Matrix coefficients : BT.2020 non-constant
    Codec configuration box : hvcC

    It should be:

    Color range : Limited
    Color primaries : BT.2020
    Transfer characteristics : HLG
    Matrix coefficients : BT.2020 non-constant
    Codec configuration box : hvcC

    Is it possible to add those options again in the x265 encoder ? I'm referring to those options:

    Color range : Limited
    Color primaries : BT.2020
    Transfer characteristics : SMPTE ST 2084
    Matrix coefficients : BT.2020 constant
    Mastering display color primar : R: x=0.708000 y=0.292000, G: x=0.170000 y=0.797000, B: x=0.131000 y=0.046000, White point: x=0.312700 y=0.329000
    Mastering display luminance : min: 0.0000 cd/m2, max: 1000.0000 cd/m2
    Maximum Content Light Level : 1075 cd/m2
    Maximum Frame-Average Light Le : 226 cd/m2

    And is it also possible to add HDR support in nvenc ? I'm currently using StaxRip for HDR encoding using NVENC HEVC and it would be nice if it could be supported natively in Voukoder :). It seems StaxRip is using the build from this repository

    A last thing if you can, from what I read in R1 there was an option to pipe directly the flow to our own software, is it possible to add this option again ? For debug and custom pipeline it would be very nice.

    I'm currently using voukoder-2.3beta4 and adobe-premiere-connector-0.9.2.

    Again thank you for your plugin, this is by far the best one that I could have found for encoding in Adobe.

    EDIT: I can help in the developement of the plugin If you have any tutorial or material to introduce me into the Premiere pro plugin dev.