Voukoder in Render to New Track option of Vegas

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    Vegas has an option called "Render to New Track in Menu Tools. This option is often used to do intermediate rendering and import the automatically rendered file to the timeline. Voukoder does not appear in the supported codec list. If possible, you may add this in the future ?

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  • I've never used Vegas, but I'm comfortable with simply working on multiple projects, only the "last station" being final. If you want some lossless codec (Cineform or ProRes) in intermediate rendering, in this case you won't necessarily need Voukoder; if you want lossy codec just go for exporting the whole project.

  • Hi Vouk

    I don't understand why VEGAS doesn't recognize Voukoder in this option but recognizes it in the conventional "Render As" option. In theory it should be because Voukoder can process file formats that are not natively supported for VEGAS import. But if that were the case, it wouldn't work in Premiere either.

    This VEGAS option is similar to Adobe Premiere's "Import Into Project" option which automatically imports the processed file into the project and works well with Voukoder.

    The difference in VEGAS is that in addition to automatically importing the processed file into the project, VEGAS also automatically adds it to a new track on the timeline in exact sync with the original events.

    I made a screen recording showing how this option works in Premiere and VEGAS for you to understand better. You can download the recording from this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0g3l…cord%20To%20Vouk.rar?dl=0

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    I didn't know this is working with premiere. The thing is voukoder does not use the file writing functions of premiere but uses it own (FFmpegs) file writing functions. Okay, but it does know the final file name and then just imports the file.

    With VEGAS it's more complicated. I have to cheat alot with that API - you may notice the file extension is always mp4 even if you select mkv - So VEGAS does not always know the final file name. It's quite difficult to work with it. I might take a look at it again, but chances are very low to get this working.

  • Hi Vouk

    I use a VEGAS extension called Vegasaur which does a fantastic job. In Vegasaur there is a tool called Quick Render that offers many export and import options and works very well with Voukoder only in .mp4 format. In other formats, Quick Render import options are not guaranteed to work.

    Your explanation made me understand why the Quick Render import options cannot import some types of files rendered in Voukoder into the VEGAS timeline even though in theory they are supported by VEGAS.

    See my screen recording at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e1yc…0with%20Voukoder.rar?dl=0

    Now I understand the limitations better and I think you are right, the chances are very low to make this work. Thank you anyway.

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