Voukoder can not USE the potential of NVENC GPUS

  • Voukoder can not use the full potential of Nvidia NVENC GPUs.

    It encodes too slowly.

    I use the latest softwares connector for Premiere pro.

    See the screen shot about video encoding utilization in Windows 10 Taskmanagger.

    When I use other encoders like Staxrip or Hybrid, the utilization of GPU is always spinning on maximum between 90% and 100%

    Can you solve that general problem of Voukoder?

    Than you for your reply!

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  • Mine(2560*1440)

    h264 (134.94 fps)

    h265 (89.71 fps)

    h265 10b (32.24fps)


    x265 10b(186.96 fps)

    Voukoder can use the potential of Nvidia, but it's not as fast as staxrip, maybe it's ram speed or something with Premiere Pro

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    I posted a link to a topic that exactly explains the situation of the bottle necks. Don't just read the TL;DR if you want to understand this.

    You are comparing "Staxrip" to "Premiere + Voukoder". "Premiere+Voukoder" will always be slower than any single file transcoding software. And Premiere is not using all CPU cores for rendering.

  • Hey No Limit, I see your worried about Voukoder being too slow. I would suggest upgrading your PC if you want faster renders :)