Render only audio in VEGAS Pro

  • Hi Vouk

    If possible, an option in Voukoder to render only audio in Vegas. The screenshot below is just a suggestion.

    In Premiere, you can choose render only video or audio in the rendering templates panel.

    In Vegas, is not possible choose render only audio in the render templates panel, even if the all video events or the all video track are disabled.

    When all video events are disabled in menu Options/Mute All Video, the voukoder is displayed in the render templates panel, but it doesn't render just audio, it also renders a black video.

    When all video tracks are disabled Voukoder is not displayed in the encoder list in the rendering templates panel.


  • I also would love to see an audio only template in Vegas - pretty please! ^^ I did find an older post where you suggest "Did you try to disable the video track? It's been supported for years now". Unfortunately, as Joelson above says there is no way to do that in Vegas 19. :(

    Absolute Kudos to you by the way for providing the Voukoder!!

    • Official Post

    Today is VEGAS day. With the latest updates of the connectors I added a "Audio only" template.

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