Downloads & Instructions

  • To use Voukoder you need to install two components:

    1. The Voukoder application
    2. The connector plugin that binds Voukoder to your favorite NLE

    Please download both the main Voukoder application and the appropiate connector for your NLE from the links listed below. Simply run each installer once the download has finished and it should appear in your NLE once you start it the next time. It is also possible to install multiple connectors (i.e. for both Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects).

    P.S.: The EU mirror should work for people from china.

    AppVersionMainMirror (EU)

    ConnectorVersionMainMirror (EU)
    DaVinci Resolve Studio 17+0.7.0 (beta)DownloadDownload
    Adobe Premiere CS6 + CC1.9.0DownloadDownload
    Adobe Aftereffects0.9.6DownloadDownload
    VEGAS Pro 12-171.1.0DownloadDownload
    VEGAS Pro 18-190.9.11DownloadDownload

    Other softwareVersionMainMirror (EU)
    VirtualDub 2 2020-02-03-Download
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