Installation path does not get created

  • Trying to install Voukoder for Premiere Pro CC 2018. Windows 10 64 bits.

    Running the downloaded MSI directly or even by command prompt with administrative rights, the directory c:\programfiles\voukoder is not created.

    So, Premiere Pro can't find Voukoder core at the startup.


  • That is really strange. Can you please try running it from the command line and create an installation log using this command?

    msiexec /i <path_to_msi> /L*V <path_to_log>

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  • Two weekends ago I tried to install Voukoder on a new Win 10 machine. I got the same error. Never seen it before on any other installs I've ever done. I didn't have time to debug it so I just manually hacked in the registry entries to make it work.

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  • Just trying to install under the same circumstances and I have the same issue ie Premiere Pro can't find the Voukoder core.

    "The Voukoder core installation could not be found! Please go to and install the core component."

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