Voukoder for Davinci Resolve also insv file support plugin ( insta360 ONE R 1" Camera )

  • Hi, I am a Prem user who has switched to long term use and replacement for Premiere CC2019 v14.3 to Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve . The Davinci product has now become mainstream at professional and Broadcast level and has taken over from the mickey mouse Premiere that was forced to use for 20 years, and whilst I get by with it , its simply past its sell by date on many levels.

    I have started to play around with NVENC and Voukoder and like what I see, but would dearly love you to support Blackmagic who am sure would welcome you as a developer that enhances the industry use of innovative developers contributions to the editor seeking best solutions. I have never been happy with Premieres exports etc, so I hope you can somehow find time to expand your plugin to Davinci and reach a whole new market of users ?

    Is this possible please ?

    Second equest is can you please incorporate insta360 .insv format as a file format ? in Prem and Davinci. Maybe your own plugin, as insta360 Prem plugin is lacking and too basic

    Keep up the good work, as would buy such requests via contributions.

    kind regards

    Stay Safe

  • Unfortunately BlackMagic does not provide a software development kit (SDK) that allows external developers to extend the functionality of resolve. I'd love to do that but it is not possible without that SDK.

    Do you mean insv importing or exporting?

  • I spoke to Blackmagic yesterday and will ring again to verify of they now have SDK kit available. They thought my proposal to extend Davinci to accomodate plugins was a receptive one and passed to HQ.

    insv can be imported in Prem using insta360 plugin, but lacks features etc

    Export not sure if of any value unless of course someone wanted to reimport into their standalone app for certain times of basic editing etc or trimming.

    Will get back to you.

    Also, I first broached a subject of MVC encoding ( using Multi Video Coding ) approx a year ago, and my apologies never got back to you. 3D is very much alive and not dead, and with 4K being mainstream format the more reason for having a Voukoder MVC export that could ACCOMODATE 4K 3D. eg from stereoscopic 4K rigs, timelines etc as insta350 are leasing the wotlds first 3D 4K Camera module for use on the insta360 ONE R , check it out on their website. But no software or MVC support by Premiere. Would pay to have this ?

    kind regards

  • Spoke to them agai, and yes there is now an SDK option for developers, eg developer@blackmagic design.com

    Also their support says on their website in the tab next to support tab, is all the info you need to approach them

    Good luck, and hope it comes to fruition.

    Incidentally well before Premiere introduce NVENC which in their export is totally unrelieable and buggy as its admitted as buggy, Blackmagic design Davinci has been using NVENC for yonks for faster exporting " without bugs " and now even your NVEN output is 100% reliable and using that everyday now as export choice via Vouloder, which is also reliable, so well done

    Hope for update etc

  • Unfortunetely there does not seem to be a file export plugin to be available.