Supporting the Voukoder project

Thank you for considering to support this project. There are many ways for you to improve the Voukoder development to make it even better.


  • • Help and assist users on the forum
  • • Provide translations using CrowdIn
  • • Bugtesting


Your donation supports Daniel and funds the operational costs (servers, software licenses, certificates) and the purchase of testing and development equipment.


As a company you have the possibility to become a project sponsor. You can do this via Open Collective. As a sponsor your logo will be shown here on this page.

Devices, tools, and items

  • • A Code Signing Certificate that gives me the possibility to sign the voukoder installers with my name
  • • An HEDT development, test and build system with AMD components
  • • An HEDT development, test and build system with Intel components
  • • Atomos Ninja V (or better)
  • • ...