Bug Filter's text HQDN3D Voukoder 3 RC 1/2

  • First, Happy New Year to everybody :thumbup:

    I notice errors in the french translation but I checked the english, there is the same errors with the filter HQDN3D.

    To easier identifie this problem I set values to 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 :

    The filter works but texts are wrong, it should be something like :

    Spatial luma strengh

    Spatial chroma strengh

    Spatial luma temporal

    Spatial chroma temporal


  • Thanks for finding it. I fixed this for english and german. Please enter the new translations in crowdin.

    It is actually:

    Temporal luma strength

    Temporal chroma strength

  • Vouk

    Added the Label Fixed
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    Added the Label 3
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    Set the Label from Adobe Premiere / MediaEncoder to Independent