x264 AMD-AMF CRF -- resulting bitrate is too high

  • Did simple comparison x264 CPU vs x264 AMD-AMF with similar options.

    From defaults I only changed to CRF=21

    Voukoder x264 CPU rendered test project with bitrate about 20 Mbps. I rendered the project with x264 encoder (through MeGUI) many times and bitrate was about the same.

    However, when I rendered the project using Voukoder x264 AMD-AMF encoder with the same options, the resulting bitrate was about 50+ Mbps that looks a bit too high.

    So I think it might be a few things:

    1. x264 AMF is really produces much worse quality and so for the same CRF encoder uses higher bitrate to meet quality requirements;

    2. Voukoder does not pass or incorrectly pass some settings to x264 AMF and so the high bitrate is used.

    Could you advice, how can I check what is causing the "issue"?


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  • First, x264 is an encoder for the h264 codec. Just like there is an AMD h264 encoder, but not an AMD x264 encoder.

    I would suggest you to test this with FFmpeg. Voukoder is always using the latest versions of all components from GIT master.

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  • I tried to render the same file in Handbrake with x264 CRF23 vs H264 AMD VCE (Quality) CRF23.

    The second file is 4+ times bigger and there are no B-frames in it at all (I was just told that VCE does not make the B-frames while encoding. Did not know that).

    So this is not the Voukoder issue, just ignore the "bug report"


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