Best settings

  • HI all,

    I am new to voukoder and am all a bit confused by the settings. Anything i try doesn't seem to look good. Anyone guide me in the right direction for 1080p and also 4k 23.976fps?

  • I think you'd have to specify "how" exactly it doesn't look good, and what is your criteria. Also it depends on the quality method - CQP (constant quality), CBR (constant bitrate) VBR (variable bitrate).

    The default setting is CQP with value of something like (23?). You could try lowering it to like 16 (lower=better), see if that makes it better. I use variable bitrate with 100mbps target / 130mbps max and keyframe interval of 30 frames (fixed GOP / no scene change detection ); but my footage is gameplay at 60fps so it's different from your scenario. For camera footage at 24fps, even 60-80mbps for 4K is plenty (Youtube's own recommendation for 4K uploads is something like 50 or 60, if I remember correct).

  • Whats the most important criteria for you? (I assume you want an h264 encode)

    • Small file size? => Encoder "x264"
    • Best quality? => Encoder "x264"
    • Fast encoding speed? => GPU Encoder "NVENC h264" / "AMD h264"

    I always recommend quantizer based encoding strategy. For the "x264" I recommend a CRF value of 19. For GPU based encoders I recommand a CQP value of 15. Leave all other settings as they are. They can be changed afterwards. Smaller values will get you a better quality (up to lossless), larger values will produce bigger file sizes.

    That are basics (and as simple as possible).