Audio problems: Unable to open audio encoder: flac

  • Hello,

    two things i noticed for the audio codecs in Vegas Pro 15.

    1. Unable to open audio encoder: flac

    When i try to encode with flac, the encoding process is instantly closing. I tried different video codecs with default settings, but i can only encode without flac.

    This is the output from the log:

    1. [13:40:28] Opening codec: libx264 with options:
    2. [13:40:28] Opening codec: flac with options:
    3. [13:40:28] Failed opening codec: flac
    4. [13:40:28] Unable to open audio encoder: flac
    5. [13:40:28] Closing encoders ...

    2. ACC and Vorbis don't save settings

    1. When i use AAC as audio encoder the bitrate always resets to 96 kbit/s (default), even when i try to save it as a template
    2. Same thing for Vorbis with "Constant Quality" strategy. The "Average Bitrate" strategy will be saved correctly.
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  • 1. FLAC issue is fixed in the next version of voukoder core.

    2.1. Can't reproduce this, works fine for me. Please tell me detailed steps on how to reproduce it.

    2.2. Can reproduce this with vorbis.

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