Some observations regarding VBR 2 pass coding

  • Hi there!

    Just a few words regarding: the volumen of the video made by the VBR 2 pass coding sometimes is significantly less then made by CBR coding. I don't know why...:huh: Comparing with the classical H264 system coder, is less, too. For example: CBR final result - 96 Mb, VBR 2 pass - 67 Mb. The same initial video!

    Logs will be provided later.

  • That's what 2 pass (VBR) is for and why you normally choose 2 pass. It first analyses the video for its visual complexity and then adjusts the required bitrate for it. So you can save some filesize. This is not a bug, it is good!

    Just like one user said: "I don't like using CRF, I can't reach my usual bitrate with it." ;)

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