Voukoder Custom Builds

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    There might be the case you need a modified version of voukoder with changes that do not make it in the official builds. Thats sad, but there are still some ways you can get the changes you desperately need.

    Voukoder is open source, meaning the source code to build the project is available on GitHub to everyone. You could get the source code, modify it, and build your own special version of Voukoder. This new version has to be licensed under the GPL, just like voukoder itself. If you want to redistribute it you have to provide the source code too.

    My offer:

    I would do that special build for you incl. the requested changes.

    • You get your personal binary file "VoukoderCustom.prm".
    • You can use it on as many of your own computers as you want.
    • The changes apply to this single version/build only. If you want to have these changes for a new version again you have to order a new custom build.
    • You may not make it publicly available (i.e. a download link).
    • The changes are tested, but there is no support or maintenance included.
    • I will charge per effort (50€ per 1/2h work). This money will fund the continuous development of the official voukoder builds.

    Contact me using private message or email daniel@voukoder.org to get an effort estimation and quote.

    Help to improve this plugin and support me on patreon or paypal. Thank you.

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    I also create custom encoder plugin solutions for Adobe products and DaVinci Resolve.