Timecode in MOV

  • In Adobe Media Encoder CC 2017, when transcoding a video (i.e. MOV or MXF) that has an embedded timecode track to a MOV via Voukoder 1.1.0 format, regardless if libx264 or NVIDIA NVENC is used, the embedded timecode track is not preserved (not copied to the new MOV). However, if I use QuickTime format and H.264 video codec, the timecode track is preserved.

    Is there any way to get Voukoder to supoort embedded timecode tracks in MOVs?

    Thank you.

  • Phew... never dealt with timecode tracks before.

    I guess it is not possible to preserve it. But maybe it is possible to create a new timecode.

    Need to look that up in the ffmpeg docs.

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