Remote Rendering problems

  • Recently i have build a dedicated Remote rendering server for resolve, It works pretty well.

    In the normal render page you can just assign the remote render job to the server, send it to it and you yourself can open another project to continue work in that.

    This works if normal voukoder is installed on the local machine and the remote rendering machine, but with voukoderpro the render machine resolve just insta crashes.

    I almost know for sure it is because when building render profile file on the local machine it is not included with the job transfer. So you have to keep all render profiles sync across the machines. Would be great if voukoderpro could include the render setup included to a remote render server. :/

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    I'm absolutely not familiar with this render server setup.

    Can you give me instruction to setup a system like this so i can develop for it and test on it?

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  • Yes sure, no problem.

    Blackmagic has a seperate program called DaVinci Resolve Project Server 18.5 that you can download for free from the software downloads on the website.
    With this you can setup a project server that runs on a system preferable with fast connections to the main storage that will function as database for a company with extra multi collaboration functions.
    When this project server is running you can assign any workstation or server to act as Remote Render machine, so you work on your system and when ready for render you dispatch the job to the remote system for render. You can go and work on completely different project right after you have dispatched the job. Saves a lot of time.

    In resolve if you open the tap workspace you can see in the drop down menu already the option of Remote rendering, that is how you can simply switch a resolve to Remote render rig.

    Downside is that the remote system has to have the same plugins, tool outside of resolve and stuff. So installing Voukoder on both machines works. But with vokouderpro it crashes and i think its because the Render setupfile that i created locally is probably not transferred to the remote machine when dispatching the job. Currently that would mean every time a setupfile is adjusted or created you first have to make sure its also on the remote machine. Not impossible but little bothersome