Audio WAV Sample Rates

  • Hello all,

    Just found your great software!

    We are rendering videos with WAV audio files at various sample rates.

    I see that in the Audio render tab, when I choose WAV, I can only choose Bit Depth. Is the Sample rate (44.1khz, 48khz, etc...) automatically derived from my project settings?

    *Perhaps, this is a feature request to add a menu for Sample rate choices if needed.

    My second question is: Is there any sample rate conversion that is happening along the rendering process? Because the sound in our projects is professionally mastered and we wish not to change it at all. Just to make sure :)

    *I'm using Vegas 19 at the moment.

    Thank you very much!

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    Yes, the sample rate has to be chosen in VEGAS Pro / the NLE.

    (I could add a resampling filter but I'm not sure if it makes that much sense.)

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