Add color range flag in rendered file?

  • I tested renders with MagixAVC against Voukoder (x264) in VP 19. I noticed that in the resulting Voukoder render there was no flag in MediaInfo such as:

    Color range : Limited

    I assume 8-bit Voukoder mp4 AVC renders are limited. MagixAVC is and states it in the metadata.

    I noticed this when testing settings in Vegas in the render dialog as you can choose limited (default) or full range. It was unclear if Voukoder takes that into account or if it has any effect on the render (does not appear to). Not having any metadata on color range made it hard to confirm, though.

    • Official Post

    Unfortunately Voukoder is not able to get this information. I've had discussions with Magix and the assured me they'll work on this topic.

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