hello..@Vouk, I am here from one of my friend in Blackmagic Forum suuest me this Plugin. I wan to know some thing < can u tell me ??

  • hello. Vouk, I am here from one of my friends in Blackmagic Forum who suggested me this Plugin !!!!

    Vouk First of all. Thank u for making such a Good Plugin ...

    I don't have good knowledge about FFmpeg and encoding.. soo Spare me !!!

    My question is...

    1. I own Davinchi Resolve Studio 18, with all inbuild X264 codecs...Do I have to install this plugin ???

    2. What is the benefit of using the Voukoder plugin instead of the resolve studio defult render engine ??

    Do I have to install MSVS For this plugin ???

    Please tell me Vouk

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    Can you please stop spamming here and creating multiple accounts?

    No, you don't need Visual Studio, why should you?

    If you don't know if you need Voukoder you probably don't need it.

    And yes, I will spare you with all this technical FFmpeg stuff.

    Help to improve this plugin and support me on patreon or paypal. Thank you.

    Do you need a custom Voukoder build really fast? Click here.

    I also create custom encoder plugin solutions for Adobe products and DaVinci Resolve.

  • WTFF are u talking about creating multiple accounts?//

    I just got here Yesterday and create an account today,

    As my friend suggested to me...

    Ok..OK. I will leave.....Such a behabiour


    I will give you the credit....cause you deserve it for making this plugin.



    Just Editing