Vegas Pro 18 render instantly finishing

  • Hello, I have no clue what to do as this has been happening for a while now, I saw a few threads about this already but couldn't find any fix.

    The render finishes instantly with no output and I get an audio encoding error on both opus and aac. (Log)

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    The FFmpeg internal "aac" encoder failed to open. Now thats really strange. Can you enable low-level debugging in the settings and share the logfile again?

    Edit: It seem the high sample rate of 192 kHz is not supported by the encoder. The maximum for AAC is 96 kHz

    [17:55:20] Timebase:        1/192000

    Encoder aac [AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)]:
    Supported sample rates: 96000 88200 64000 48000 44100 32000 24000 22050 16000 12000 11025 8000 7350
  • Can you please post the full log?

    We are not talking about the bit rate.

    We are talking about the sampling rate. This is configured in VEGAS.

    oh yeah true, this worked tysm

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