Voukoder Transcoding ARRI MINI RAW CODEC (MXF) to a wrong timecode MOV

  • Hi everyone,

    Like the title said, when transcoding Arri raw codec (MXF/ARRI), my proxies file has the TC wrong when compared with the original file, resulting that I can't relink proxies in Davinci Resolve,

    Does anyone know how to fix it???

    Thank you for reading this :saint: :saint: :saint:

  • Vouk

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  • RUE

    Can you provide a sample file?

    Sure, I have sent you a google drive link which has 2 folders (original & proxies), you can import the original file to Davinci Resolve and try to link those proxies and sources together.

    Note that, when you are on the metadata tab, you will see TC start & TC end have a little bit different (+- 1 frame) when compared to the original files (also in the link below)

    VOUKODER SAMPLE – Google Drive