Can't export from Davinci Resolve if Audio is 24bits...

  • Hello,

    If my audio setting is 24bits/48kHz on the deliver page of Davinci Resolve I can't export in AAC (both FFmpeg and Fraunhofer). I got the error message "Audio cannot be processed".

    It works only if I set 16bits.

    Regarding the log data, the AAC lib is preset to 16bits:

    [13:27:23] - Audio -------------------------------------

    [13:27:23] Timebase: 1/48000

    [13:27:23] Channels: 2

    [13:27:23] Encoder: libfdk_aac

    [13:27:23] Options: _sampleFormat=s16 _strategy=cbr b=320000 profile=aac_low

    [13:27:23] Side data: <none>

    [13:27:23] Filters: <none>

    As this settings does not exist accessible to us.

    Any idea to get rid of this ?


  • Vouk

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    Voukoder uses FFmpeg in the background and it does not allow to import 24bit audio.

    I just thought about it and it looks like it needs to import the audio in 32bit and then resamples it to 24bit.

  • Dear Vouk, has this issue been resolved or is there something you need from Blackmagicdesign beforehand?

    I have been tripping over this problem quite a while now, because I don't want to degrade the audio to 16bit and with some workflows 32bit integration isn't working in other tools.

  • Hi,

    I'm facing the same issue. In my region Prores with 24bit audio is the standard delivery format.

    Can it be fixed?



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    As I've said above, FFmpeg doesn't understand the 24bit format Resolve outputs. It expects 24bit samples stored in a 32bit sample buffer. So I need to convert it to 32bit first. It's kindof difficult when you don't know how this 24bit data is stored exactly. I was working on it over the weekend, but I just got some distorted sound so far.