Voukoder not Export Resolution 340x190 in Adobe Products

  • When exporting animation projects made in Adobe After Effects, I set the output resolution to 340x190 so that the exported videos are used as previews in MOGRT files (a very common practice in After Effects and Premiere projects).

    I get this message in After Effects, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Media Encoder when trying to export with 340x190 resolution using Voukoder.

    Work fine with native codecs of the Adobe Products. But I prefer to use Voukoder for several reasons.

    Please see if you can confirm this and if possible provide a fix in the future.


    • Official Post

    The minimum frame size is currently 320x240. In premiere (h264) it is defined as 16x16. I can set it to 16x16 as well but I can't guarantee every encoder in voukoder works with this minimum values.

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