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    I am using 6.2, is "YUV 420" a selectable codec? If so I don't see it in my list. If it's a preset, I don't see it either.

    This is not a Voukoder preset or codec =) This is included in MagicYUV codec which I use in Bandicam during recording my tutorials. Then import this huge videos to Adobe Premiere and use Voukoder for export. This really speedup the whole process. =) For example, 1 hour video was exported about 15 mins with this codec.

    YUV 420 is normally used for internet video. It is the default color subsampling format for h264 video.

    Just expect huge files, but also a very pleasant scrubbing in the premiere timeline. ;)

    Hi, Vouk.

    so =)

    I tested this codec =) 1h video was 120Gb =) It is crazy, but Voukoder works with this video very well and GPU usage - 100%

    You're right. Video scrubbing is very smooth and export FPS = 160 =)

    Here is the log file.

    Btw, any advise to decrease video size with avi and this codec? =)

    Thank you for your help and have a great day
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    Ok. I will try this codec next time.

    Strange, but today I exported another tutorial with the same project ( 14mins) and the same layers and FX and =) FPS was 151 =)



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    Well, this is not a voukoder bug or issue, but ... Ok. ;) I don't see any correlation between the spikes and the projects timeline. The project itself is rather simple and uses not many effects and special transitions. I guess it is either premiere or the system itself.

    I noticed you are using Bandicam for recording your screen to mp4 (NVENC). I did the same for game recording a loooong while ago (I love bandicam for screen recording). Did you ever try to record to AVI using the MagicYUV codec? It is designed to be mathematically lossless and extreme fast encoding and decoding. I loved working with that. Would be interesting to see if there is any difference. H264 was not designed to be an intermediate codec.

    So, as I understand, I should download MagicYUV codec, then selected "AVI" and it in External codecs? Right?

    Ok. I will try this, but firstly I should understand one thing. Which version I should buy =)

    And what problems did you mean in my system or Premiere? How to check them? =)

    Thank you and have a great day
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    This is my Premiere Build.

    Tried to cut this project to 5 minutes, deleted all audio, text, sub-sequences and left only one layer with one video without cuts and etc.. and tested again on the latest Voukoder 6.2.

    FPS - 112
    GPU used - 70-100%

    So, what do you think, what's wrong with my main project? And how to fix bad FPS.

    Thank you and have a great day
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    Very strange, but in the recent project I had 35 fps =( GPU using 30%... The drivers the same.. But in this project I used a few audio filters. could it affect the speed?

    Video duration - 18 mins
    Here is a log file.

    I will try to install the latest Voukoder 6.2 and try to delete this filters. And let you know and will send another log.

    PS. In the previous 3 minute test - I used the same filters..

    Thank you and have a great day.
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    Yes, clean install with DDU fixed the issue.

    Because earlier:

    1) I installed Game Ready drivers,

    2) Then new Nvidia stuido without DDU, just updated my GameReady in GeForce Experince Tool

    3) Made test - everything is bad, as you can see in the previous logs.
    4) Then I tried again to install the Game ready - FPS was low.
    5) Then reinstalled the drivers with DDU(made clean install) and now, as you can see - FPS is good.

    Btw, the Studio drivers really faster than Game Ready. They fixed many issues in them for Adobe Premiere encoding.

    And I mentioned another thing. FPS faster, when I used HEVC(NVIDIA NVENC) instead of H.264((NVIDIA NVENC)

    163 FPS with your settings. SLI ON =)

    Hi, dear developers.

    So, I reinstalled my Nvidia Studio Drivers from scratch =)

    And done a few tests with SLI and SLI disabled. (2 minutes video)

    This is my logs.

    And yeah, I tried to check the GPU Perfomance in Task Manager and Adobe Premiere used 90% now..

    FPS with my settings:
    - SLI = 123 FPS
    - SLI OFF = 124 FPS

    With recommended:
    - SLI = 90 FPS
    - SLI OFF =92 FPS

    Please change the logs to understand if everything fine =)

    And another question, what the better ZscaleFilter? Which will give better UpScale result?

    Thank you and have a great day.

    Best regards,

    So, I installed the latest RC version =) And this is my log files. I tested on 3 min video with settings which I show in the video.

    As you can see - 3 minute video exported 10 mins... Earlier this duration exported 2-3 times faster =) And in the video you will see, that my GPU was used 3-5%.. Why? How to fix this?

    Video ->

    Thank you and have a great day.

    Best regards,



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    Where I can find this log? =) In console? CTRL+F12?

    Hi, dear Voukoder developers.

    So, I have a question to you.

    I installed the latest Voukoder, Premiere, Connector, Nvidia Drivers and etc. But when I export a video, yes it is very fast, but why Vokouder just use 20% of each videocard? =) Why not 100%?

    Thank you and have a great day

    Best regards,