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    Hi Vouk,

    No, everything is under 23.98 in settings and footage frame rate.

    I also don't think it's a bug as the BM x264 connector works.

    You can download sample red files (I was working in this format) here:

    You should be able to re-produce by adding multiple R3D clips into one timeline. Then go to render page, select individual clips and use source name for file name.

    I just tried it out for proxies creation where I am rendering out Individual clips with filenames using source name. In this setting, the timecode from the source clips are used instead of the timeline timecode. The clips used also have synced audio from separate wav files.

    Unlike previous versions, each clip is not starting at 0:00 anymore but it is not accurate. I have to look at it more, but each clip seems to be off random times. I tried the open sourced x264 plugin made by Blackmagic, and it's accurate with timecode.

    Here are 3 clips I used, tell me if you see the Pattern on why it's off.

    23.98 Project

    Clip 1 Source:

    Start: 11:24:56:02

    End: 11:25:48:18

    Runtime: 00:00:52:16

    Clip 1 Rendered Proxy (Voukoder)

    Start: 11:25:37:04

    End: 11:26:29:20

    Out of Sync by: 00:00:40:16

    Clip 2 Source:

    Start: 11:25:53:01

    End: 11:26:14:16

    Runtime: 00:00:11:15

    Clip 2 Rendered Proxy (Voukoder)

    Start: 11:26:34:05

    End: 11:26:55:20

    Out of Sync by: 00:00:41:04

    Clip 3 Source

    Start: 11:26:37:20

    End: 11:26:59:06

    Runtime: 00:00:21:10

    Clip 3 Rendered Proxy (Voukoder)

    Start: 11:27:19:01

    End: 11:27:40:11

    Out of Sync by: 00:00:41:05

    On top of this, I noticed some audio rendering issues, I'll make another posting about it. But it's mainly having issues exporting 24bit WAV and channel mapping.

    just strange DVR is using the 0-255 range as default (auto). AFAIK 16-235 is standard.

    Actually 0-255 is very important . Formats like DCPs, prores 444, Image sequences, IMF master files are full range. Years ago, Resolve was more focused on only rendering master files.

    Grading is done in full range. Resolve takes the limited range and expands it to full with YUV files. RAW files are RGB and is full range. Keeps everything consistent when grading. Also grading monitors are almost always in full range.

    As you noticed, Resolve only goes to 16-235 for non-RGB deliverables like prores hq and h264.

    Looking forward to trying out the new update.

    Yes, noticed that as well. It seems "prores_ks" does scale perfectly with cpu cores.

    Makes me wonder why NLE renders never scale as nicely.

    The new plugin works great with the full/limited range now for ProresHQ.

    The only thing, when I inspect video properties, it says the color space is unknown. I believe this is what smirontsev was referring to.

    Is this how Resolve sends out the colour/gamma information? Blackmagic talked about it here:


    sorry, if this is redundant information already.