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    Thanks for analyzing this!

    Note to myself:

    av_dict_set(&formatContext->metadata->metadata, "major_brand", type, 0);

    av_dict_set_int(&formatContext->metadata->metadata, "minor_version", minor_ver, 0);

    If you are targeting a hardware decode (i.e. iPhone) you need to take care about the decoding capabilities and feature sets supported. This is normally defined in the so called "Levels".

    Did you try encoding the 2-pass video with ffmpeg? Does this play on the iPhone?

    It's been a bit quiet about Voukoder development as I am spending most of the time on Voukoder 2.0 in a private repository. Working with Microsoft Foundation Classes is a pain in the *** and is so very much time consuming.

    Still, here is a small update:


    • Added additional framerates: 18, 119.88 and 120 fps
    • Added HAP/Quicktime encoder
    • Using the latest FFMpeg 4.0

    Merry christmas and a happy new year.


    I added CS6 compatibility back to version 1.1.3. Everything else is still the same.

    There is a new, free implementation "dav1d" done by the VLC team. This should be faster and stable. I'll give it a try soon.

    Phew... never dealt with timecode tracks before.

    I guess it is not possible to preserve it. But maybe it is possible to create a new timecode.

    Need to look that up in the ffmpeg docs.


    If you like this project please support it on - even if you just plegde just $1. From $10 on you can get access to the nightly builds and test new functionalites before it is released to the public.

    What is this money for? I have a regular 40h/week job. The more you fund me on patreon the more time I can shift from my day job to voukoder development.

    TLDR: You fund voukoder development time!

    I am also looking for a business partnership / sponsoring. Please contact me by email ( if you are interested.


    - AV1: Prepared for AV1 (but not included yet, because it is not really usable)

    - FFV1: Added FFV1 (Level 3) encoder

    - ProRes: Added vendor parameter to the UI so users can have a more "comaptible" ProRes export

    - VP8/VP9: Added parameters -g, -auto-alt-ref, -lag-in-frames and -sharpness to both VP8 and VP9

    - Made the encoder/muxer test before starting the export more safe (esp. when audio is disabled)

    P.S: It might seem there is not much Voukoder development anymore, but I am working on the next major version which will bring the plugin to an entirely new level! So stay tuned.

    i would just wait year or two before thinking about this

    I have just tested this:

    [2018-09-18 17:44:25,964313][INFO] Render: 18us, Process: 3us, Encoding: 42992262us, Total: 42992283us
    [2018-09-18 17:47:05,835642][INFO] Render: 21us, Process: 3us, Encoding: 159871214us, Total: 159871239us
    [2018-09-18 17:48:35,762947][INFO] Render: 22us, Process: 3us, Encoding: 89927190us, Total: 89927216us

    So what about encoding speed? :)

    43s, 160s and 90s per frame!

    So, yes... i'll leave it in the code, but disable it. So i can test it from time to time and watch for changes and improvements in the CI system.

    Making 1.0.3 a public release now.


    • Aborting the up-to-date check after 10s network inactivity
    • x265: Fixed CQP parameter
    • nvenc: Fixed the "buffersize" parameter for both hevc and h264
    • Introduced piping as POC
    • Fixed high bit-depth encoding

    So from now on european content providers are responsible for copyright violations of their users? They have to check and approve each single uploaded / posted media (text, video, image, audio, ...) for copyright infringement? Really?

    Just fixed some bugs that were left in 1.0.


    • Rewrote some of the encoder code
    • Fixed a bug causing a crash when using the zscale filter
    • MKV/WEBM files does show the correct framerate now
    • Fixed blu-ray relevant parameters for x264
    • Fixed a bug that Voukoder crashed after an x264 encode

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    Looking back

    It's been more than a year since I wrote the first lines of code of an "x264 encoder plugin for premiere" in april 2017.

    At first it was just a proof of concept and a personal challenge like: Am I able to build something that could replace the whole slow and unstable frameserver toolchain to have my favorite encoders directly available in premiere? No frameserver? No commandline tools? No encoder frontends? Maybe I could even schedule exporter jobs in Media Encoder with it? - What a nice dream.

    I accepted that challenge and I have learned alot! Especially in the first months, as I never wrote any C or C++ programs before - really! Not a single one. Having the proof of concept out people asked for more: More encoders. More muxers. More parameters, features and bugfixes - and the project got bigger, more popular and the download count is still rising. By today we have more than 7100 downloads! Unbelievable at that time.

    Looking forward

    Voukoder in version 1.0 is pretty much stable and does include lots of encoders and nice features. But this is just the beginning. I started working on Voukoder 2.0 already and there will be some interesting improvements:

    • Voukoder gets its own UI (based on QT)
    • Supporting other NLEs / Tools (make a wish!)
    • Everything can be translated
    • ...


    Reaching version 1.0 was alot of work and pretty time consuming. I have spent many hours and days after my regular work to get this working, features added and bugs fixed. And getting to version 2.0 won't be less work.

    It would be great if you consider becoming a patron on or send a donation using paypal. One of my goals is to work less in my regular job and more on the Voukoder. That would really be nice.

    I am also looking for a sponsor for test equipment (specifially GPUs) so I am able to test all the different encoders on different hardware.

    Thank you

    I'd like to send out my thanks to everyone helping me to get this far. May it have been with testing, discussions, programming, donations or just by making the project more popular.

    Thanks to all the component developers like for AMF, FDK-AAC, FFMPEG, FFNVCODEC, LAME, LIBOGG, LIBVORBIS, LIBVPX, OPUS, X264, X265, ZIMG and CURL.

    Special thanks go out to "Schaui" for helping me in many ways and believing in the project since almost the beginning. (You woulnd't have NVENC without him!) ;)