Adobe Media Encoder CS6 save AAC only

  • Hi! I am using Voukoder 10.2 and connector Adobe Premiere CS6 + CC version 1.9.0. Export from Premiere Pro CS6 works fine, GPU used heavily 60-90%. But when I add render job into a que of Adobe Media Encoder - I get output file with AUDIO only - like AAC.

    How to fix this?

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  • Again - Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6 and Media Encoder save only AAC file with Voukoder option.
    Voukoder 12.0 Connector Adobe Premiere (min. CS6) 1.12.1

    Downgraded to 11 release and it works.
    Looks like I need to update current 51.640 Nvidia Driver for Voukoder 12.

    UPD. After driver update for Nvidia GPU I can use Voukoder with direct export from Premiere Pro CS6 but sending render to Media Encoder queue returns AAC file only, when choosing MP4 container. Using MOV container works fine. Any ideas?

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  • Looks like Media Encoder cannot use Connector Plug-in as Voukoder option is not available and due to this Media Encoder is choosing first available option (which is AAC) from the list.
    Premiere Pro is 64 bit and due to unknown reason Queue button invokes 32 bit Media Encoder -> this result in problem, because Voukoder connector plug-in installed into 64 bit app folder.

    So, temporary solution I've found - launch Media Encoder 64 bits manually, then push Queue button from Export Media dialog in Premiere Pro and task will be added into correct bit version of Media Encoder.

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