Unable to open the export menu with Voukoder Connector installed.

  • Hello,

    I currently have Premiere Pro version 15.4.1 with Windows 10 (21H1).
    My PC is composed of a Ryzen processor and an RX 5500 XT.

    I was using Voukoder version 8, and everything worked fine.

    While updating Voukoder to the latest version, and its connector for Premiere Pro, I just realized that the installation of the connector prevented the launch of the export menu of Premiere Pro.

    By uninstalling the connector, the latter works again without any problem.

    I have no log of Voukoder.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello !

    I can't see how to make a screenshot of my problem.

    Here is a screen of the installation with which I manage to launch Voukoder in Premiere Pro.

    When I install version 1.8.0 of the connector, clicking on Media > Export simply does not display anything.

    The window refuses to open.
    I'm not sure where I can find logs of this problem, as it seems Premiere Pro doesn't trigger any errors (but maybe I'm not looking in the right place?).

    Thank you in advance! :)