unable to initialize, Failed opening codec: h264_nvenc

  • I used H264 (NVIDIA NVENC) and H264 option to export the video, this window error pops up.

    My video card not support or my computer problem?? (log PR in attach). please help me.

    09/12/2021 08:38:34 AM : Queue Started

    - Source File: C:\Users\TCKT\AppData\Local\Temp\May10_3.prproj

    - Output File: C:\Users\TCKT\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\14.0\May10_1.mp4

    - Preset Used: Custom

    - Video: 1280x720 (1.00), 30.00 fps, 00;21;33;11

    - Audio: 48000 Hz, Stereo

    - Bitrate:

    - Encoding Time: 00:00:00

    09/12/2021 08:38:34 AM : File Encoded with warning


    Adobe Premiere

    Unable to initialize the encoder.

    This has most likely to do with an invalid combination of options.

    Make sure there is at least one free NVENC session and close all other programs that make use of NVENC.

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    [08:12:35] Timebase: -122616051/612929536 (-5.00 fps)

    Check your video FPS in the export dialogs video tab.

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