5.1 Audio not exporting correctly

  • I have been using Voukoder to export videos with 5.1 audio for a long time now without any problems. Recently however large sections of audio have not been exporting correctly. Some parts of the video have audio while other areas do not. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest voukoder plugins. Has anyone else had this problem? Log attached.

  • I have tried with several different files and I keep getting large sections of my 5.1 audio not exporting. I just tried however to export audio only so I could multiplex the audio only file and the successfully exported video together and I was finally able to create a workable file using that method. Not really sure why Voukoder isn't exporting 5.1 audio properly anymore.

  • This is problem is still manifesting. I just edited a new video and it's still happening. Any idea why voukoder is just not exporting large sections of 5.1 audio?

  • Ok I will do my best. I have attached a premiere pro project file along with a small sample of my file. My process is a little complex. I take 4k HDR remuxes from 4k blurays that I own to edit them to make them family friendly. The remux master file is 4k with 8 channels of audio. In order to edit and retain the HDR in premiere I first have to create a digital intermediate using ffmpeg that tricks premiere into thinking the file is rec 709. I learned this process from some other users in this forum. For audio I have set up premiere to mix down the 8 channels of audio to 5.1. I have successfully edited my films using voukoder using these sequence settings for about 60 films now or so. I attached screenshots to show how it's setup. Hopefully with all of this you can recreate what I'm doing. I'm not sure why this is happening now. Like I said I've edited over 60 films successfully using this exact same method and now suddenly the last 3 films have all had large sections of audio just not export for some reason. I haven't updated anything in some time so nothing has changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Your plugin is the only way I've been able to edit HDR content in Premiere, thanks for making this. Attachments are from a WeTransfer link that I believe expires in 2 weeks or so.


  • I already tried to render and export the clip. I didn't experience any sound issues in the resulting file. I was not able to reproduce this issue.

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