x264 deblock value cannot be changed (tiny bug?)

  • When encoding to x264, the deblock value cannot be changed in the settings for some reason, no matter what I enter, as soon as I click away or enter, it defaults to 0:0. Probably not too hard to solve, but would be awesome if it worked. The only thing I could do is to disable deblocking altogether, but I'd like to set something like -3:-3

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    This bug has been there since the very beginning. It has basically to do with how values get parsed within FFmpeg, and how to get them in and out. In detail: It's the colon in this value that is also a key/value pair separatorin the whole options concatinated string.

    Looks easy to solve, but it's actually pretty nasty ...

    Edit: Same with "partitions" for the same reason

  • Ah that's too bad. It's kind of an important option to get good looking encodes in terms of finer details. Disabling deblocking sadly doesn't look very good. Would be lovely if something could be done.

    Edit: Can the colon maybe be escaped in the inner string or sth?

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