The voukoder core installation could not be found

  • Hello !!

    I just installed voukoder for After Effects and Premiere Pro, but when I run AE ou PP, I get this error message. Can you help me please ?

    Thank you ;)


    PS : I'm using the latest versions of AE and PP

  • Vouk

    Added the Label Not a bug
  • Vouk

    Removed the Label Adobe After Effects
  • thank you so much, seems there is many people curious about it, you should change UI navigation on site, because its looks now more like name of folder not the file in the drop list

  • hello,

    i installed voukoder 7.2 and "Connector: After Effects (0.9.6)" but in Adobe Media Encoder are just not listed; but in "after effects" the codec is listed; for now im using "after effects" only.