HDR Export from Premiere

  • I love the Voukoder plugin and the quality of the exports. But I'm wondering if there is a way to export HDR video files using the Voukoder plugin? Or is it limited by what Premiere sends to exporters? I can do it natively in Premiere but I'm not a fan of their compression.

  • i've been pretty active in that thread but I can verify that Premiere does pass through the HDR data because i am able to encode 4k HDR content from Premiere with HDR meta data so I'm wondering why the Voukoder plugin doesn't' recognize it? At one time it seemed like the rec2020 was an option for color space with voukoder but it has been disabled? The reason i ask all of this is i would much rather use Voukoder as my renders are superior than what Premiere natively does.

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    The Premiere SDK does not seem to have a pixel format that is specifically for bt2020. But i am not an expert in this matter. Maybe morphinapg has more insight in this?