Voukoder V.5 Applied H264 General Purpose, CRF 17 and CRF 26 Resulted The Same File Size and Quality

  • I applied the General Purpose preset and output 2 different settings, 1 with default CRF = 17, another one with CRF = 26. Why am I getting the same file size and quality? Can't I adjust the CRF value myself when using the preset?


    [08:58:48] Options: _pixelFormat=yuv420p crf=26.000 opencl=1 preset=medium rc=crf x264-params=qpmax=22:aq-mode=2:aq-strength=0.700:rc-lookahead=180:keyint=400:min-keyint=3:bframes=11:b-adapt=2:ref=3:deblock=0:direct=auto:me=umh:merange=50:subme=10:trellis=2:no-fast-pskip=1

    Voukoder Version 5, PR 2020 14.0.0