Voukoder V.5 Applied H264 General Purpose, CRF 17 and CRF 26 Resulted The Same File Size and Quality

  • I applied the General Purpose preset and output 2 different settings, 1 with default CRF = 17, another one with CRF = 26. Why am I getting the same file size and quality? Can't I adjust the CRF value myself when using the preset?


    [08:58:48] Options: _pixelFormat=yuv420p crf=26.000 opencl=1 preset=medium rc=crf x264-params=qpmax=22:aq-mode=2:aq-strength=0.700:rc-lookahead=180:keyint=400:min-keyint=3:bframes=11:b-adapt=2:ref=3:deblock=0:direct=auto:me=umh:merange=50:subme=10:trellis=2:no-fast-pskip=1

    Voukoder Version 5, PR 2020 14.0.0

  • because qpmax=22,I put it there to prevent quality loss by locked any compression from quantization higher than 22, thus preventing people who are not very familiar with encoding setting, turning the quality down too much:)