Saved webm Preset always changes to mp4 when exporting

  • I'm typically cutting videos into clips and doing multiple exports as I go and I've had this problem with voukoder since at least version 2, I just installed Voukoder 5 and still have it.

    I have a webm VP9 preset saved but when I go to Export a clip, the Output is changed to .mp4, and Preset is reset to 'Custom' even though it still says "Format: webm, Video: libvpx-vp9, Audio: libopus".

    Other options: b=30000000 cpu-used=4 crf=19 quality=good

    If I re-select my webm preset, nothing changes. I must click on 'Configure' under Voukoder, then click OK, and it changes back to webm then I can export normally. This happens every single time I export a clip, even from the same project. If I do the previous fix to change to webm, and instead click 'Queue' to open Media Encoder, it will AGAIN change the output to mp4 and must be fixed for every single thing that gets queued.

    Would appreciate a solution as it would save me a lot of time.

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  • Are you using the latest connector version 1.4.0?

    Can you please tell me the exact steps on how to reproduce this?

    I remeber i was able to reproduce it, but now i can't.